Introducing .wave - this is how our startup accelerator company works

Based on the United Nations (UN) World Commission on Environment and Development’s definition, “environmental sustainability is about acting in a way that ensures future generations have the natural resources available to live an equal, if not better, way of life as current generations.” This means that transforming our lives to build something more sustainable is not a task to be solved in the future. Effective solutions are needed here and now.

More and more companies recognize that the pursuit of environmental sustainability is the responsibility of all of us and place this activity as the focus of their business. Countless innovative and useful solutions are being created, but startups often struggle to turn them into investment-ready ideas or products.

This is where .wave Startup Accelerator Program comes into the picture and provides a broad and comprehensive solution to environment sustainability-focused Carpathian region-based businesses.

In our article below, we provide an insight into .wave Accelerator Project and its elements.
Participants of .wave Startup Accelerator Program

What is the purpose of an accelerator company?

The primary purpose of a startup accelerator company is to accelerate the growth and success of early-stage businesses by nourishing them with mentorship, professional trainings, networking opportunities, and investor access to become stable and self-sufficient.

Startup accelerator company vs. business incubator

Both accelerator and incubator companies aim to help startups’ development, but they support companies in different business stages and with dissimilar methods.
A business incubator company assists startups in their earliest stage in developing basic company concepts, whereas startup accelerators expedite the growth of existing businesses which have moved beyond the very first stage and have a minimum viable product (MVP).

Incubators usually have a flexible time period that ends when the business has a product or concept to pitch to investors or to final consumers.

Accelerator programs on the other hand have a predetermined length, which is typically 3 months. It is an intensive mentorship-based learning period with various professional trainings and networking opportunities. Ideally, the startup will be investment-read by the end of the program.

Startup accelerators have 4 characteristics that distinguish them from other similar programs like incubators:

  • Cohort-based
  • Fixed-term projects
  • Mentorship-based
  • Culminate in a graduation

What are the main benefits of joining a startup accelerator program?

Startup accelerator programs typically begin with a pre-registration, followed by a more comprehensive application and an interview. Startups accepted into the program will be part of an intensive learning span.

Joining a startup accelerator program has many advantages for a company, the most important of which are the following:

  • Equity free support
  • Strategic support
  • Customized trainings
  • Professional mentoring
  • Access to experts
  • Networking and partnership-building opportunities
  • Investor-access

Introducing .wave

.wave is a professional accelerator program for Carpathian region-based startup businesses aiming to build an eco-sustainable future. We believe in actions rather than words and are a committed supporter of those startups that not only talk about environmental sustainability but also have a powerful vision that they are working hard on.

.wave is an accelerator program that is in the development phase, so we are in similar shoes as most startup businesses. Our challenges and difficulties are alike, we have to constantly react to the challenges of our “customers”, the start-ups, so we can easily emphatize with the entrepreneurs applying for our program. This is how we grow, learn and expand together as a professional clan.
Experiential learning and hands-on experience at .wave

Who can catch this .wave?

Our startup accelerator program is a unique and wholesome opportunity for businesses that:

  • are coachable;
  • are eco-conscious and sustainability-focused;
  • have an ambitious, ready-to-learn owner or CEO;
  • have a recent business plan and product prototype;
  • will be looking for an investment;
  • aim to solve environmental issues relevant to the Carpathian region: Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

Let’s talk a bit about the program

We are a proudly environment-conscious community and provide practical and customized training sessions and  mentorship that scale-up startup businesses to an investment-ready level.

The beginning
The program series begins with Orientation Days, the first event of which is the presentation of the selected startup businesses about their products and ideas. The aim of the Orientation Days is for the startups to get to know each other and the mentors as well as to reveal the areas to focus on for the rest of the program.

The training sessions
We believe in experiential learning. At .wave training sessions, participants can learn from excellent professionals about deal flow, product development, UX, go-to-market strategy, investor matching, product valuation, and develop other soft skills that are essential for market entry and successful growth.

Dry Run and Demo day
Before the end of the program and Demo Day, we hold a so-called Dry Run, during which the participants can practice their presentation and develop it by receiving constructive feedback. The final event of the program is Demo Day when start-ups present their pitch to potential investors.
.wave– a startup accelerator program for environmentally conscious startups

We provide startups with a dedicated mentor for the entire duration of the program with one hour of mentoring per week in person or online, as agreed. The mentors provide professional and practical help in processing the information and working on the tasks between training sessions.

What else?
.wave provides startups with the opportunity to use advisory services, be part of an inspiring community, and build professional relationships that can be fruitful even after the completion of the program.
.wave takes care of the finances. Not only do we not charge the startups selected for the program, but we also take care of the accommodation and travel expenses of our participants coming from the countryside or abroad. At the events, we provide delicious food and drinks with sustainable catering.

The practical approach makes us unique

We believe that one-sided,  school-type education is ineffective and boring. With our experts, we strive to build an ecosystem where everyone shares similar values while providing practical knowledge and experience that can be used after the program in a real competition environment. This is what makes us unique.

Experiential learning
We believe in engaging and practical methods where no time is wasted. All training sessions are held by professionals who are straight to the point and convey their knowledge to the participants in a way that can also be planted to practice.

Hands-on experience
It is important for us to show startups real-life examples from people who have already experienced what the participating entrepreneurs are facing. Our training sessions are interactive with engaging material.

Credible mentors and experts
During the training sessions, experienced professionals share their knowledge from a wide variety of related industries, including sales, online marketing, waste management, B2B & product strategy, design thinking, fundraising, etc.

Every element of the program was tailored to the needs of the participating startups and filled with relevant and useful content.

Environmental sustainability-focused ecosystem
One of the main goals of .wave is to create an ecosystem in which all participants share similar values and work together for a more environmentally sustainable future. We provide priceless networking opportunities for all members of our supportive eco-conscious community.


Our motto is that “the action of today becomes the destiny of tomorrow”. This motivates us to create a community of like-minded people and a supportive ecosystem that provides space for learning and development for sustainable-focused startups. We do not consider ourselves an average startup accelerator. All program elements are filled with relevant, useful, and practical content, which is taught to the participants in an interactive way by excellent professionals.

Join us in this exciting journey to build a greener and more sustainable future.